Strip And Seal Perth

The Effective Stripping And Sealing We Serve In Perth Protects Your Floors

If your floor of the bathroom and kitchen are looking dirty, call Strip And Seal for professional strip and seal services. Because a new looking tile across and out of your house will make a great impact on your whole property. Our professional strip and seal Perth services to your newly-finished flooring will also give you a fresher feel. We use only the best agents for the floor strip seal which extends the life of your tiles.

Firstly, as a part of the stripping and sealing floors process, we get rid of floor old sealers with fast-acting strippers. Then, based on tile type, we apply an acting stripper and allow it to penetrate the flooring. The last step is to add sealant and finish the service to expect the best and most satisfying results. So, to give a refreshing look to your flooring both inside and outside of the house, call 08 6109 8217.

    Strip And Seal In Perth Needs Expertise Attention- Count On Our Strip Sealing Floor Team

    Everyone expects shiny looking tiles to be in the living space or bathroom. So, depending on the type of tiles and the damage, we provide different strip and seal Perth services. Once we are done with strip seal flooring, your tiles are all set to look shiny. You can also take a look at how we work.

    Work According To Condition

    Property of tiles like water absorption, slip resistance and mechanical strength plays a major role. Hence, we work according to the tile condition and its necessity.

    We Strip And Seal All Tiles:

    • Bluestone tiles
    • Marble tiles
    • Granite tiles
    • Cement tiles
    • Glass tiles and many of your other requirements.

    Restorative Stripping And Sealing Available

    For heavy to extra-heavy flooring, restoration strip and seal services are most important. Hence, our experts are always available to serve you.

    Certified Strip Seal Flooring Company:

    Your best decision for grabbing strip and seal Perth services is to choose a certified company. Fortunately, we are not only certified but also locally accredited.

    To Maintain The Floors In Hall, kitchen, Lounge & Dining Area, Strip And Seal Perth Team Offer Great Deals

    Our strip and seal Perth team take pride in providing the best stripping and sealing floor services at reasonable costs. The years of experience we have, fulfil all your needs with hall, kitchen, lounge and dining area flooring maintenance. So, take a look to know more.

    Bathroom Floor Tile Strip And Seal:

    Even with a small amount of water in bathrooms, in the long run, the tiles become slippery. Hence, with our service, you can expect an anti-slippery effect post the floor strip seal.

    • Kitchen Floor Tile Strip And Seal: Water-based sealing products are best suitable for indoor spaces of a house such as a kitchen. So, whether you newly install flooring or do strip seal flooring, sealant addition gives extra protection.
    • Any Floor Tile Throughout The House: Adding sealant to the tiles throughout your house protects them against water and also repels germs. So, if you do not seal your tiles, the grout inside tiles will absorb stains, germs and water.
    • Any Floor Tile Outside The House: Tiles outside of the house will not be handled as carefully as the ones inside. As a result, penetrating sealing will create a waterproof barrier and many others.

    To Know The Importance Of Vinyl, Ceramic Stripping And Sealing Floors, Call Is In Perth

    Fire-glazed tile like porcelain usually doesn’t need sealing, but this is not the same case with porous flooring such as natural stone tiles. This is because natural stone tiles such as vinyl and ceramic are easily prone to getting stains. Hence, you regularly need vinyl and ceramic tile stripping sealing services.

    Moreover, strip seal flooring for both ceramic and vinyl in high traffic areas gives the additional benefit of protection. Also, for tiles of these types, we usually apply solvent-based sealants that deeply penetrate. Additionally, our strip and seal vinyl floor prices are budget-friendly!

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    professional sealing and cleaning perth

    Solution To Protect Both Your Tiles And Grout- Professional Sealing And Cleaning

    Are you in desperate need of strip and seal Perth services for your tile and grout? Contact us instantly. We not only clean your tile and grout to get rid of stains but also remove the efflorescence trapped deep within the grout. Strip and seal cleaning is next to no alternative option to correct the mistakes with tile and grout. In fact, the only real option to make your flooring look as fresh as new is to strip the old sealer and scratch from the start. So, the best option for your flooring is to seal the tile and grout after cleaning perfectly.

    Our Services Can Solve All The Strip Seal Issues Of Tile And Grout

    Mistakes of stripping and sealing floors are easy but not easy to correct on them on your own. In fact, the extent of damage should be first assessed whatever the case might be. Hence, on the basis of this, we make a few fixes that will save you from the different strip and seal Perth issues.

    • Loose Sealing:Sealing is done to both strengthen the tile and defend the grout against spills, erosion and dirt. However, loosening of this sealant will raise issues with both tile and grout.
    • Remove The Old Sealer:When you want to renovate the look of your natural stone flooring, the first thing to focus on is to remove the old sealer. To complete this task with ease, we use high-performance strippers.
    • Protection For High Traffic Areas: Tiles in heavy traffic areas have very less protection than tiles in areas of the house. So, we give the best protection for high traffic area tiles and enhance your flooring by adding softness to them.
    • Slippery Effect: For tiles such as ceramic type, the slippery effect is due to the non-porous nature and their smoothness. Hence, we provide the best ceramic tile stripping sealing services.

    We Cover Every Suburb Throughout Perth With Effective Strip and Seal Services

    Strip and seal Perth team come to your assistance within 24 hours of your slot booking with us. We come to your place fully equipped with the best quality machinery and the necessary right tools. In fact, with our services such as strip and seal tile floors, your tiles will benefit from extra protection and the old sealer will no longer be viable. If an individual takes a strip and seal job upon themselves, he/she might use the wrong protective solutions. Hence, to avoid this happening, from North to South and West to East of Perth suburbs, we are always available to help.


    As natural stone flooring is porous in nature, we believe water-based would be the best sealer. It also acts as a protective layer.

    For strip and seal vinyl flooring, there is no particular time for the floor to dry. Because drying times depend on solvent-based and water-based sealants.

    • The surface becomes resistant to scratches
    • Anti-slippery effects
    • Gives you glossy or matte finishes
    • Floors become more durable and need less maintenance.